Last Minute Holiday Gift Idea

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to All!

Sharing a last minute holiday gift idea. And, actually, this idea can be used any time of the year.

A couple of notes on how this came to be. I am sure I am not the first to come up with or do this ;).

GOAL: I wanted to use found items from my home and craft space to put these holiday baskets together. The goal was not to go out and purchase anything, except for the fruit and goodies in the baskets.


The basket bases are galvanized metal tins that I purchase on clearance several years ago at Michael’s. I used gift wrap (with lace print), one remaining large gift bag from a set of two purchased at Michael’s years ago, and Cling Wrap that I had in my pantry. The ribbon is all from Michael’s which was in my ribbon stash. The pinecone florals are also from Michael’s that I purchased this year and leftover for holiday home decor projects. And lastly, the holiday cards are leftover from card sets I’ve used in the past. I also attached holiday cards that I have made.

I used my cardstock scraps and small unusable pieces of gift wrap paper. Ran the paper through my shredder to create a festive base for all the goodies.

To wrap the baskets with the Cling Wrap, I first laid a layer of tissue paper down on the the table, the rolled out the lengths of wrap (overlapping each layer just about two inches), centered the basket onto the Cling Wrap, then brought up the corners until all the wrap covered the basket.  NOTE: The tissue helped by not letting the Cling Wrap stick to my dining room table.

NOTE: If you are gifting fruit, be sure not to get overly ripe fruit if you intend to gift the basket in a day or so. We will be handing out these baskets today and tomorrow, so I am keeping them in my pantry which stays quite cool.

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I hope this quick and inexpensive project inspires you.

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