100 YouTube Subscribers! and Giveaway How to Enter to Win

Now it’s time for the Giveaway! To enter the giveaway do the following:

  • Add a comment on my YouTube channel and let me know which project is your favorite, and if you would like to see a full tutorial of that project.

When I started this journey several years ago, I wanted to create a blog to share what inspires me and share my designs to inspire others. I set small goals and milestones to keep me motivated and keep me on track to make that dream come true.

Today, I was so excited to receive a 100 Subscribers congratulations from YouTube.


This milestone achievement is encouraging. It lets me know that I’ve inspired you to subscribe to my channel, and you like my designs. Thanks to all of you! And, thanks for your continued support.

GIVEAWAY – I will be uploading a YouTube video for you to have a chance to win a prize in honor of this milestone. Stay tuned.

Now, on to 1,000 subscribers!

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