Have Fun with Decorative Masks

I’ve been making and donating masks since early March of this year. I continue to make masks most every day or weekly. (made and donated a little over 300 masks) While I enjoy making, I started to have a little fun thanks to my sister Mary, who made some really nice “bling’d out” masks for our nieces. She inspired me.

I dug out my fabric stash and bling embellishments and started to play. Here are a few of masks I recently made.

I continue to keep mask fundamentals incorporated into the fun masks (i.e., 100% cotton, filter pocket, adjustable ear elastic, etc), that I am making.

It’s nice to add creative and fun designs to masks. Masks do not have be utilitarian looking. I know however, some people need a generic looking masks for their occupation or work requirement. I have made several for correction officers and EMTs. I consider the creative style masks as “weekend wear masks”, something to put on that’s fund but has the protection the CDC and scientists/doctors are recommending.

I was pleased with how the bridal mask turned out. I hand beaded the lace which was overlayed over a liner fabric for breathability.

I ended up selling two of these masks. Both customers were gifting them to brides-to-be for their upcoming weddings.

This next one was fun to make. It was the first time I used a rhinestone setter. I like the breathability of the stretch denim, also lined with a cotton fabric. The lace in the pocket added a bit of “denim and lace” style.

For my next “fun mask”, I plan to use some HTV. I’ve used HTV before, but not very experienced, so making a few masks with HTV will cross this learning curve off my crafting bucket list for the year!

I look forward sharing more fun masks with you and I hope you are inspired to create your fun masks.

Stay safe and health.

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