Experimenting: Acrylic Pour Project

I’ve never done a pour before. Learning something new or trying something out for the first time is always intimidating. I finally decided to let loose of my fears and dove in.

For this first pouring project, I am using some thrift store canvases that my sister Mary gave me.


I figured I would keep my costs down in case I did not like the finished work. I am using Liquitex Mars Black Acrylic paint to base coat each canvas, and FolkArt metallic acrylic paints (already had several bottles in my paint supplies), for the colored accents.  For the pouring medium, I am using Liquitex Pour Medium.


I am going for a water-like theme for the four 11”x 11” canvasses. This is the first of the four. I’ll post all four canvasses when I have completed the project.

Second Canvas: This time I added black acrylic paint and fine turquoise glitter (sorry but I do not have the name of the glitter I am using).


Third Canvas: For this canvas I added a bit more black and introduced a new color, Green Flash #5129 for FolkArt, their Color Shift line.


Fourth Canvas: I kept all of the colors the same as the third canvas. I altered how I poured, paint color portions, and moved the paint mixture around the canvas for a totally different look.


Once all four canvases have dried, I will post a photo of all four canvases together. I hope you are inspired by this first design project using an acrylic pour.

List of resources I am using for this project is below.

Liquitex Mars Black Acrylic Paint


FolkArt Acrylic Metallic Paint(Blue Sapphire, Blue Pearl, Antique Gold, Aquamarine, Pearl White, Silver Sterling, Champagne)


Liquitex Pouring Medium


Craftsmart Black Acrylic Paint


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